API Local Anesthetic/Cough Drug Benzocaine CAS 94-09-7

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Product Description                                                                                     

API Local anesthesia / Cough medicine Benzocaine CAS 94-09-7
Benzoxocaine is a kind of lipid soluble surface anesthetic. Compared with other local anesthetics, such as lidocaine and decaine, it has a smaller action intensity, so it will not make people feel uncomfortable due to the effect of anesthesia on the mucous membrane. It is a kind of drug with stronger fat solubility, because this is easy with mucous membrane or cutaneous fat layer bond, but pass through not easily and enter person body to produce toxicity.

Benzoxocaine can be used as the precursor material of oxocaine, oxocaine and procaine. At the same time, it is used as local anaesthetic again on medicine, have analgesic, antipruritic effect, basically be used at face of face of wound, ulcer, mucous membrane and haemorrhoid analgesic analgesic and urticant, its ointment still can be used as nasopharyngeal catheter, inside process the lubrication such as speculum analgesic. Temporarily relieves pain and discomfort with itchy skin, minor burns, sunburns, trauma, and insect bites. Ear preparations are used to relieve the pain and itching of acute congestive, concentrated otitis externa, swimmer's ear, and auricle. It is also effective against toothache, sore throat, oral ulcer, various hemorrhoids, anal fissure, vulva pruritus, as a male genital desensitizer to make ejaculation slow. Or as an anesthetic lubricant for catheters and endoscopic tubes.



It is a local anesthetic for the pain relief of wounds, ulcer surfaces and hemorrhoids.

API Local Anesthesia /Cough Medicine Benzocaine CAS 94-09-7

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API Local Anesthesia /Cough Medicine Benzocaine CAS 94-09-7

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