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    21-Apr-2021 - Last updated on 21-Apr-2021 at 02:09 GMT

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    Yiling Pharmaceutical’s growth in t

  • Does turmeric’s reputation translate into real health benefits? | Medical research | The Guardian

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    Clinical trials show that curcumin, present in the spice, may help fight osteoarthritis and other diseases, but there’s a catch – bioavailability, or how to get it into the blood

    W hile Kamal Patel was probing through the reams of user data on examine.com – a website that calls i

  • Health benefits of turmeric, according to a dietitian

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    Studies have shown that curcumin supplements may be more effective than anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of joint inflammation in people with rheumatoid arthritis.

    Turmeric is the spice that gets the credit for giving curry its golden color. It comes from the Curcuma longa plant

  • Proposals to go out this weekend in the Alt Empordà - Empordà

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    Follow us on social media:News saved to your profileAgenda from April 8 to 10 Emporda.infoSound massage workshop: Sounds for babies.A musical experience, by Alquímia MusicalPresentation of Mozart's opera Così Fan Tutte by Clara Valero, soprano and singing teacherDramatized reading: The letters

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    Nike has been changing the game and keeping us fresh for the past 50 years and to celebrate the half-century mark one of their day one’s, Spike Lee has directed a short film paying homage to the swoosh brand.

    Dubbed Seen It All, the Spike Lee joint features the legendary director r

  • CM plants neem and banyan saplings

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    Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan planted Neem and Banyan saplings in the Smart City Garden along with members of Annashesh Foundation, Shreya Jain, Kirti Rajput, Ruchi Samundra, Abhishek Sahu and Pranshu Rai. The foundation is engaged in activities like providing food to needy people, sani

  • Newsletter on COVID-19 prevention on May 26 of the Ministry of Health - General news - Ministry of Health Portal

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    Website of the Ministry of Health (MOH) Copyright by the Ministry of Health No. 138A Giang Vo - Ba Dinh - Hanoi Tel: 0246,273.2,273 |Fax:0243.8464.051Email: banbientap@moh.gov.vn Specify the source of the Ministry of Health's web portal or http://moh.gov.vn when re-issuing information Tel: 0246.2

  • Delegate for National Assembly Nguyen Lan Hieu: It is necessary to have a policy to send good doctors to remote areas - General news - Portal of the Ministry of Health

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    According to National Assembly Representative Nguyen Lan Hieu, the granting of practice certificates to the Medical Council (HDYK) is for the purpose of improving the quality of professional quality assurance and reducing the negative negligence of the current licensing. now.However, the current

  • Colombia celebrates Chinese Language Day - Chinadaily.com.cn

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    Colombian Minister of Culture, Angelica Mayolo, congratulated the Chinese Language International Day. She said she hopes the young Colombians can polish their Chinese language skills which can then become bridges of cultural exchange between the two nations.

    Adriana Rios Piñeros, a loca

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